Find great deals for Allen Heath GL Console. Shop with confidence on eBay !. The Allen and Heath GL is supremely adaptable to every application and is perfect for engineers in both live sound and recording. Based on the highly. I hope this post is incorrectly located, hey every one,I’m saving a few bucks to buy a nice console, and I saw someone is selling his Allen.

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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Allen & Heath GL4800-840B 40 Channel Audio Mixing Console

The console is available in 24, 32, 40 and 48 channel sizes with an external 3U rack power unit. The channel aux sends are usually set PRE pre-fade for monitors so that they are independent of the front-of-house mix levels.

Using the GL for Front-of-House FOH The console aklen positioned within the listening area so that the sound fed to the audience can be accurately balanced and controlled. Gk4800 mute groups are programmed or edited ‘off-line’. Bob Cascading Waters Audio Consulting www.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? It is now found on all manner of equipment including sound and lighting consoles, effects devices and computers. The GL includes 8 mute groups controlled by a bank of large buttons to the right of the master faders.


It is recommended that these are the standard 12V 2. Plug in a second RPS11 if a redundant backup is required. Environment Protect from excessive dirt, dust, heat and vibration when operating and storing. Where this is not possible the monitors are controlled from the FOH console.

Operates at -2dBu line level. This page was last edited on 10 Julyat Most people getting in are going to select the digital route. Page 40 Solo-In-Place Solo-In-Place is a system for checking individual signals or combinations of signals in the mix.

File:Allen & Heath GL (QuadFest).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The mute group LED will start allem. Sophisticated recording and gk4800 sound control is now possible by interfacing sound consoles with other MIDI equipment. The red LED and the display both flash to warn that all snapshots will be overwritten. The GL includes a ‘mute safes’ facility so that selected channels can be ‘made safe’ from the mute groups, snapshots and MIDI control.

All the console main inputs and outputs are balanced XLRs. Page 35 Mute Safes Mute groups, snapshots and MIDI overwrite the console mutes with the settings held in memory or an external controller.


Using the GL as a Monitor Console The GL can be easily configured to function as a dedicated 12 buss on-stage monitor console 10 wedges plus aallen fills14 buss 10 wedges plus 4 IEMor many other combinations. This puts the mute system into ‘edit mode’. No solo safes set. The system has been designed and tested to be reliable under the harsh conditions typical of live sound ‘on the road’.

Rick Stansby wrote on Tue, 16 November Please login or register. The audio signal will turn off channel muted. Please read it fully before starting. Uses 2 pin D-type connectors input A and B. Each group may be selected pre or post channel fader. The red LED will turn on.


However, the following internal link options are offered for those applications that may require alternative settings. This prevents unnecessary distraction during a live performance.

The GL Solo-In-Place system lets you quickly solo selected alleb using a two key press that prevents accidental operation during a live performance. Adam Finlayson wrote on Tue, 16 November