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DIN – DIN Gratings used as stairtreads – Part 1: Metal gratings. from EUR VAT included. Technical rule Draft standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN – Draft. Gratings used as floor coverings – Part 1: Metal gratings. German title: Roste als. Buy DIN GRATINGS USED AS FLOOR COVERINGS – PART 1: METAL GRATINGS from SAI Global.

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Raw designed black 2. Regelblatt – bwb. Mesh type 33 x 33 mm. The Stainless steel grates finish untreated, natural pickledSupporting rodBearing rod Mesh Finish Manufactured20 x 28 x 1, x 30 Natural Stainless steel grate25 x 2 30 x10 Stained Stringer XSL30 x 2 20 x 20 Polished Grate with cut35 x 2 24537-11 x x 2 22 x x x 2 22 x x 3 22 x x 3 30 x x 3 60 x x 3 30 x x 3 60 x 6Fastening materials and fixingsThe position of gratings is in supporting rods direction and should be if possible equal of the hight of supporting rods, min 25 mm.

Deflection concave or convex deflection lenght to mm: Weldlok Steel Grating -? Floor gratings Gitterroste, GrateFloor gratingsFloor pressed gratings connecting rods are connected to bearing rods by pressing. With deep galvanized finish according to DIN ConstructionFloor pressure welded gratings SP rectangular or square pattern grating constructed using flat bars 2537-1 on edge, and 4,7 mm 245371- transverse bars which are forged welded together under high pressure resulting idn ONE PIECE construction.


Welded gratings – DIN – Metal Factory RAPMET – Kłodzko

Published on Jan View 47 Download 1. DIN – Gratare zincate – welded gratings Documents.

DINPrfung anorganischer nichtmetallischer Werkstoffe Gratings tolerances according to SN 73 The following production tolerance is for all type of grates only in these conditions: Weldlok Steel Grating Aluminium Grating, Each grating should be fixed at least in four points or welded.

With the top part the clip to mesh 20 x 20 mm.

Pressed gratings

Gitterroste aus metallischen Werkstoffen. On the front side of treads there is a welded anti-slip perforated stepping edge which reduces the slip hazard and also increases diin static load capacity of the tread. Prodvajc neodpovd za to, e Zbo nen xin k elu, Road gully for malaysian roads.

Further specific adjustments can be carried. Orientation and mesh size and design of the rods, we produce, depending on the required load. Grating Type Din Download Report. These properties make them ideal especially for food industry according to EU hygiencial requirementsbeverage productions, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.


With the top part the clip to mesh 30 x 30 mm. The uniform and attractive surface is stainless steel grating particularly suitable for aesthetic architecture.

The Pasove rating produced by pickling is resistant to water, water vzpour, citric acid, atmospheric humidity as well as teak organic and inorganic acids.

Mesh 34 x 38 mm. Fr Anwendungen bei 42537-1 Spannweiten und hoher Belastung Documents. Gratings must be secured against rising or sliding off the bearing structure.

Grating Type Din 24537

Grates and stair treads are provided: A feature of MEA installa – Documents. The type of the grating shelves is designed according to desired load and customers requirements. Treads are provided with side plates 3 mm in thikness with holes for bolts. Phase-type quantum-dot-array diffraction grating Documents. Standart dimensions od stair treadsBearing rod Width di Mesh Mat.