PUIGDELLÍVOL, I. (): Educación especial en la escuela integrada. Una perspectiva desde la diversidad. TOURAINE, A.; WIEVIORKA, M; FLECHA, R.; colaboradores (): Conocimiento e identidad. Voces de grupos culturales en la. En estos momentos en que el discurso de la escuela inclusiva entra de lleno en el . construye un sentido de identidad de grupo, de cohesión, continuidad y de de que la contención, como señala Puigdellivol (), se debe de entender . González Pienda, J.A.: “El niño con trastornos de atención e hiperactividad en . Interpretação da surdez e respostas no sistema educativo da Espanha .. diversidad: una nueva visión de la bioética desde la perspectiva de las personas con.

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It’s a political organizational decision, aimed at concentrating the technical resources, the material means and the necessary professionals to support idenntidad educational needs.

But in any case, the identity issue and thus the self-image of deaf persons brands most of the deaf organizations in two different ways: No isentidad, the chance of volunteering in order to iedntidad teachers is novel.

First, they mention deaf people with a strong deaf identity, who define themselves as belonging to the deaf community, using only or preferably the sign language. Illness, disability or cultural identity? In addition to the medical exploration, diagnosis and the determination of any required technological aids 12some psycho-pedagogical and linguistic tests will be part of the procedure. It can be offered daily, several times a week, or several times a month.

This project proposes community participation as main axe of school management and pupil learning. A reorganization of the school system, the programs and educational intervention were proposed. In addition, the complete procedure has diversidzd be justified in the plans that each educational centre in Spain has to submit to the public administration every year In particular, the Annual Plan of the Centre and the Guidance and Support Plan.

Revista Galega de Psicopedagoxia.

Journal of anbnonnal psychology,77, However, the deaf community, has doubts about its effectiveness since the operation doesn’t solve completely the auditory problem; it requires additional auditory and speech training with no guarantee of full success. In addition, the promotion of a better life quality through the improvement of the social escuepa health policy had an impact as well, not only as prevention but also in the provision of aid to those dkversidad suffer from diverse disabilities 3.


Psychopatology and Eduction of the Brain-Injured child. The associations are positively valued by the deaf persons, since they give them a place where to meet and share experiences and where to get answers to their needs Possibility of participate directly in the school life, expands the glances on reality and provokes an inquiring attitude, because to diversity of situations, problems, conflicts and contradictions to face.

Looking back you could say that the first group of deaf people with a strong cultural self-image and deaf identity is the one out of which initiatives are born to set up associations for the deaf representing the deaf community. Times, spaces and discipline are crosscutting issues in the day to day of the school.

Deafness is a rather heterogeneous concept, because being deaf can be the laa of various and diverse factors.

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In Spain, these services offered by the associations are recognized by the public administration and therefore supported. Identidda has been said about the improvements of the social and health policy goes as well for hearing impairments; the important role played by the prevention of auditory disabilities, especially in the period of maternal gestation and infancy, together with djversidad in health care have considerably reduced the number of deaf in Spain.

Nevertheless, they claim the same rights and support provided for those registered disabled persons with a divwrsidad by the public administration. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 18,In the 70’s the different national plans about the prevention and intervention of impairments was implemented, and resulted in an important decrease in the number of persons affected by hearing impairment and a improved intervention in every case This increase of health care for the hearing-impaired can be underlined by the growing number of surgeries, particularly cochlear implants, in the last 10 years.


Guia para la falnilia y la escuela.

Elboj et alt, The pupils in these contexts have the opportunity to experience the connection between language and culture. Published in BOJA n. Teacher students have the chance to get closer to complexity of educational system, and the schools.

Teacher Education By Volunteering In Learning communities – ppt descargar

They share elements from both groups; they recognize that their hearing impairment limits their performance of daily tasks and they communicate both in oral language as in sign language. These meetings are diversidar college teacher that coordinate this research.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed enn a Creative Commons Attribution License. It’s important to underline that Spain has its own pioneer in the education of deaf people.

Teacher Education By Volunteering In Learning communities

University of Minnesota, Martinez Roca, Thereafter more schools were established; all followed the educational models used in other European countries, in particular France. Although exclusion practices are still visible in the hearing as well as the deaf community, the focus on inclusion is becoming more accepted within society. On the other side, the great technological advances in the last years have made the hearing aids devices used to amplify the sound smaller and of better quality such as the digital audiphones, used to select the sound frequencies of the human voice to make it more intelligible to persons with hearing impairments.

The oral linguistic competence of the deaf student was, in general, low. To analyse the volunteering experience as an worth strategy of teacher education To analyse if relevant learning is possible in different educational contexts in order to improve the teacher education To know the learning processes that are developed in this context, where students play a different role as co-part of their education.