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I also came upon “Fitness” on Reddit and used bodybuilding. The changes to my health and body in such a short space of time are amazing. If you are just beginning an exercise program, it is important to consult a certified personal trainer who can advise you where to start. Don’t get me wrong it takes effort, self discipline and dedication, but the rewards will come.

Sometimes I don’t wake up in time or have other commitments travel, etc. No self promotion, surveys, or market research 9. I’ve even used supersets for my triceps, doing lb cable extensions followed by a quick set of dips. I found the faq on this sub an excellent starting point and rippedbody.

I know tons of people work as hard as I do and harder but have a harder time losing the weight. While considering using these exercises, they are not necessarily the most appropriate for everyone. You are me, about a year ahead. Accusing people of using steroids or PEDs is also not acceptable nor welcomed here.

Alternate sides in a pedaling motion. Great progress too, looking good! Anyway, good luck to you. You will have a different life now because of the work you’ve put in. In April of I hired a personal trainer for two weeks since I’ve never set foot in a gym before. Looking for an easy road to a beach body?


I attempted to right the wrong.

The Best Ab Exercise Ever (proven by research) – Team Better

Sounds like my story bestwortabexercises well. I think of it as “me time”, too, but I don’t want it to come at the expense of my family.

I started SL 5×5 late last fall, but have been inconsistent with it. I hired a personal trainer for two weeks and I just had my bestworstabexercisss birthday a couple weeks ago. I was always in great shape, but lost it after getting comfortable in a two year relationship.

Best and Worst Ab Exercises

As a fellow Asian, even I am surprised you are 40?! Many of my workouts in fact where challenging to keep under an hour since the rest periods for my compound lifts were getting longer as weight was getting higher. Awesome, and many congrats for all you’ve accomplished. I love seeing posts like this. Though I look no where near that big. When I go to bestworstabxercises gym, I do some fly’s, etc. Can’t be, I don’t see any palm trees in the pic.

I’m 36 and in the same situation as your before. The ends more than justify the means. Progress posts must be detailed studie useful.

I also had major health scares, including passing out and not having a pulse due to heat stroke largely due to such poor health. I’ve become somewhat of a creature of habit. Stories like yours motivate bestworztabexercises and serves as a reminder that this discipline I’m doing which friends and family find ridiculous is worth it.


If say I was around 35 in that starting pic but I looked way worse before I started working out in my midsection. I wrote before that as my conditioning improved I’d do a bit more after that 5 minutes.

Imgur Starting MarchI started doing 50 pushups and crunches a day. Repeat 3 times or so. On another note – what happened to the fish? Vertical leg crunch 6. Been swimming every time as well for cardio. Was told perhaps my muscles were getting stronger than my ligaments as well but that one I had for at least a month.

That first push from wanting to do it to actually going was getvit of the tougher ones but got easier from there.

This subreddit was hugely helpful for me so I decided to post my story, especially for those of you who are my age and older. Great starting program and you’ll get much stronger and get bigger too. I was getting stuck under bar one too many times Deadlift: I typically follow a 10,8,8,6 pattern of reps for my heavier lifts bestworstabexerdises the warmups of course where I do two quick sets of about half my max.

How much do you think that benefitted in you losing weight? I hover in the low s now. If you look at the clock on his wall, it’s at the same time for every picture.