The Western Canon by Harold Bloom Review By Dan Geddes 11 February See also reviews. The Western Canon. by Harold Bloom. Harold Bloom’s Elegy for the Western Literary Canon. 1. Introduction— Sympathetic viewpoint towards modern literary theory. Yesterday, I did a. It also insists that aesthetic originality is the only qualification for inclusion in the Canon of Western literature. To illustrate his thesis, Bloom selects

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The Western Canon is Bloom’s best-known book alongside The Anxiety of Influenceand was a surprise bestseller upon its release in the United States. Weinstein was dubious about the first three, and posited the last two as better alternatives for the value of literature.

Bloom’s Elegy for Western Literature – The Western Canon

As such, uarold essays must stand on their own merit, rather than on the provocative packaging in which they are wrapped. Bloom felt that this aesthetic elitism was a positive thing. Weinstein part company the most, I believe. Forming bookends around his incisive critiques of twenty-six representative canonical authors, Cnaon engages in a polemic against what he terms the School of Resentment.

Views Read Edit View history. Share Share Tweet Share Pin it. Lawrencethough I hate him in a way, Jane Austentoo.

The fourth point is where Prof. Weinstein implied, he unabashedly proclaims this is as a positive.

harolr However, the fact that great literature is written by the aesthetic elite gets conflated in the modern university system as being written by a product of the socioeconomic elite, and is, under Marxist interpretations of literature, just another tool of that socioeconomic repression xanon one class by another.


This view is something he is vehemently against, the idea that Paradise Lost, for example, can be reduced to an interplay of economic forces. Bloom would disagree with. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The left two quadrants are the subjective viewpoints, cannon the right two quadrants are the objective viewpoints. The New York Times. To use the paired poems by William Blake on the chimney sweep that were quoted in the last post as an example, the economic relations of the various classes may be illustrated by the poems, but the originality and literary genius is took to create those poems are not illuminated at all by a knowledge of those relations.

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Bloom’s canon is in many ways mine. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Bloom would later disown the list, saying that it was written at his editor’s insistence and distracted from the book’s intention.

The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages – Wikipedia

This brief summary does not begin to cover the multifaceted complaints against the canon made by canom School of Resentment, whose various agendas, given ample time to fester in lifelong university careers, attack the canon on a variety of grounds. On the third point, he is dubious along with Prof. In these lectures on the value haroldd the interpretation of literature Prof. The School of Resentment views the traditional canon politically, as a means the social elite drives home the inferiority of subject classes.


Bloom does, and state that it this dialectic that is the crucial one in deciding whether a book will enter the Western Canon or not. But along with Joseph Campbell, Prof.

Rant against the Cant: Prof. Harold Bloom’s Elegy for the Western Literary Canon | 4squareviews

Bloom draws the line, and refuses to go along with this politicization of literature. Skip to toolbar About WordPress.

This is where Prof. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Books and the School of the Ages’; Books”.

As far as helping one how to think, Prof. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles created via the Article Wizard. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Books and School of the Ages Cover of the first edition. Cover of the first edition. Yes, literature is an aesthetic experience, both in the writing and in the reading of it. So in my own mind, whereas I canoon that there may be insights derived fr the culture and politics of the age in which a piece of literature is written, as Prof.

Thus Shakespeare provides the anxiety of influence for nearly all writers to follow. Your email address will not be published.