J-STD – 001E PDF

IPC J-STDE, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies released, updated for all three classes of construction. Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic. Assemblies. IPC J-STD- E April Supersedes Revision D February IPC J-STDE April Supersedes Revision D February JOINT INDUSTRY STANDARD Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic.

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Sleeving covers wi re insulation 00 both ends of the spliced area by a minimum of I wire di ameter f. BGA solder balls contact and wet to the land forming a continuous elliptical round or pillar connection. Dimensions of masked areas shall not [DID2D3] be decreased in lengthwidthor diameter by more than 0.

The digits in Table 8- 1 are Designation of Surfaces to be Cleaned 1 2 No surtaces 10 be cleaned 0 be cleaned One side solder source s? Not all process indicators specified by this standard are noted.

The end of the part is defined to include any coatingsolder sealsolder or weld beador any other extension. The coating manufacturers supplier’s inslructions or other documented process shall [D ID2D3] be followed When curing co nditi ons temperaturetimeInfra Red I. The component lead is discemible in the lead termination side C.

Fractured solder connecti ons b. No conductor strands piercing the sleeving. Lead diameter is less Ihan diameler or j-stf length 01 the solder land Note 3: Separate criteria may need to be established. These soldcr connections are acceptable Wetting ca nnot always be judged by surface appearance.


A c urvature shall [DID2D3] be incl uded in the unwrapped wire portion of the jumper j-syd provide re lief of L e nsion from envi ro nmental loading. Additionally, care should be taken to avoid bending or flexing conductors during mspection 9. End joint wldth 7. See Note 4, Table 5. If usedco ntrolled accelerated or slo wed ramp cooling shall [NI] be in accordance with documented procedures.

For boards greater than 2. For assemblies with mixed land widthsthe j-stx magnification may be used for the entire assembly. One or two face termination 7. Tools and equipment are to be c1 ean prior lO use and should be kept c1ean and free of dirtgreaseftuxoil and other foreign matter during use.

J-STD-001E: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

Measurement is made from the end of the part. Blisters or delamination areas may propagate during assembly or operati on. It is the responsibi Ji ty of the manufacturer see 1.

Components shall not [] he charred Note: The items cleaned sha ll [] be capablc of meeting the cleanliness requirement as specified 01e see 8.

The shank of the terminal shall not [DID2D3] be 001ee nor splitcrackedor otherwise damaged to the extenr that oilsfluxinksor other liquid substances utilized for processing the printed board can be entrapped within the mounting hole 5.


A documented aud it plan is defined to monitor process characteristics an dJor output al a prescribed frequency g. Li ght ranges from 0 K enable users to distinguish various printed circuit assembly features and contaminates with increased clarity 4.

Rework is covered in End jolnt width 6. The preheat temperature exposure shall not [] degrade printed boardscomponentsor soldering performance 4. Notes 1, 2 Voids Required underfill or staking material is present and completely cured. Focus 00 end product performance?

J-STDE: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

The acceptance criteria shall [N IN2D3] have user agreemelll. In the event of conflict between the requirements of this standard and an assembly drawing s ldocumentation that has not been user approvedthis standard govems.

Three face termination 8. When another ftux is used see 3. Does nol violale minimum eleclrical clearance Note 2: Automatic or manual mcthods for dross removal are acceptable 4.

For corrective action calculationsno more than one defec t characteristic or process indicator can be attributed to a particular interconnection site e. The solder prefonn ring is centered over the splice fo llowing criteria shall c. Side jolnl length 3. The product class should be stated documentation package.