Shane Hensley is raising funds for Lankhmar Savage Seas of Nehwon, a Fantasy RPG on Kickstarter! Fritz Leiber’s best-selling tales of Fafhrd. Lankhmar: City of Thieves is a page supplement for the Savage Rules game system, adding new rules for Lankhmar roleplaying, as well as. RPG Articles Published RPGs Dungeon Crawl Classics. Free RPG Day · DCC Lankhmar: Through Ningauble’s Cave.

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The Eyes of Goromosh. People of Nehwon – W. We appreciate it when you share our work on social media, tell a friend, or pledge for the games we put so much love and effort into.

Well Met in Lankhmar: A Review of Lankhmar City of Thieves

The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars. This is a community project that does two things. Later Than You Lannkhmar. However, as an introduction to the setting, an overview to the themes, and a basic tool lnakhmar to flavour your game, Lankhmar: Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: The true gods of Lankhmar, however, are feared rather than worshipped; these “Black Bones” mummified ancestors of the Lankhmarese occasionally leave their temple to fight threats to the city—or threats to their own position as preeminent religion within the city.


The House of Mrs. The Childhood and Youth of the Gray Mouser. InLeiber and his college friend Harry Fischer created a wargame set within lankhmwr world of Nehwon, which Fischer had helped to create.

If you have the money to spend, you may well find the mechanical bits to be worth it for any nautical-heavy campaign. Trapped in the Shadowland.

A Fritz Leiber Wiki & RPG Guide to Nehwon

People of Nehwon – O. City of Adventure 2nd Edition. City of Thieves Lankhmar: Sometimes people ask why an established company like Pinnacle uses Kickstarter. The Night of the Long Knives. Their Mistress, The Sea. Retrieved from ” https: People of Nehwon – S.

Lankhmar | Product categories | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Welcome to the Scrolls of Lankhmar. The Foxholes of Mars.

I really liked the way the author spent time explaining the difference between a straightforward fantasy setting and Lankhmar. Nemia of the Dusk. Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild. Implicit versus Explicit Spell Effects. The Thieves’ Guild is influential, too, and controls Lankhmar’s abundant criminal element, with the notable exceptions of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.


Srith of the Scrolls. Pinnacle Entertainment Group has launched and delivered 16 Kickstarter projects so far. Chapter Two offers up a list of gear, marked up in local currency — because the core Savage Worlds system has only generic gear from a whole bunch of settings.

Don’t miss these posts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Late Backers Join In! The Number of the Lamkhmar. This page was last edited on 1 Marchat Fritz Leiber and H.

Several modules and accessories were produced for use with City of Adventure. The Ship Sails at Midnight.