-5°C 0°C 10°C 20 26 Molded case circuit breakers Susol MCCB AF LSIS Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved LS Circuit Breaker Catalogue. Internal Accessories can be commonly used in all Metasol MCCB and ELCB. ( Notice: LS shunt trips include coil clearing contacts that automatically clear the. Search in LS Industrial Systems catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. Catalog for iXP_XP Panel.

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Power Domotics Building Lighting.

Trip button is built as standard. Ultimate breaking capacity Ics: Insulation barrier Terminal cover Rear terminal Breaker Rotary handle Direct Rotary handle Direct, Key lock Rear terminal Plug-in kit Rotary handle Extended Terminal cover Insulation barrier 82 Catapogue handles Direct type The rotary handle operating mechanism is available in either the direct version or in the extended version on the compartment door.

LS Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) – Sun Power

OK, I agree I do not agree. When a short circuit interruption occur, high temperatures pressures are present in and above the arc chambers of the circuit-breaker. Moreover, this stress may incur from vibration during transportation, magnetic impulse while manipulating a switch or may be affected by equipment in surrounding area.

By continuing, you agree to use cookies, otherwise you can disable them from your browser. Same electrical and physical specification with MCCB. The range is completed with a wide choice of accessories for all system requirements and offers total integration with boards of the 47 CVX range. One is open and the other closed when the circuit breaker is open, and viceversa. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.


The lead wire of moving contact of Molded Case Circuit Breaker can be disconnected as it is corroded or hardened by petrochemical gas. Save in your list Login Sign up. Do not have an account? Each switch contains two contacts having a common connection.

It refers to the electrical loss in a transformer caused by magnetization of the core that changes over time and is categorized into hysteresis loss and eddy current loss. Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers. Key lock type is optional. By continuing, you agree to use cookies, otherwise you can disable them from your browser. Continuously energized, the undervoltage release must be operating before the circuit breaker can be ctalogue.

For the download of the file you have to choose a subtype during registration, go on modify profile and choose it! Do not disassemble or repair by yourself!

Susol UTE and UTS Series UL Molded Case Circuit Breakers

The plug-in base is the fixed part of the plug-in version of the circuit-breaker. It is always fitted with a compartment door lock and on a request it can be supplied with a key lock in the open position.

Unlocked after taking the hand off the handle. Micrologic Trip Units Micrologic electronic trip units are designed for use in both PowerPact and Masterpact circuit breakers All Micrologic trip units provide impeccable, electronic circuit protection with adjustable protection settings for maximum system coordination and flexibility.


Same application with MCCB 3. Circuit-breakers The following certificates are available on a request. For the download of the file you have to choose a subtype during registration, go on modify profile and choose it! Micrologic trip-units are field-interchangeable.

Alarm switch AL Alarm switches offer provisions for immediate audio or visual indication of a tripped breaker due to overload, short circuit, shunt trip, or undervoltage release conditions.

MCCBs can be nccb to both 50 and 60Hz. Customized solutions for you.

Save in your list Login Sign up. They are incompatible with both the insulating terminal covers.

Insulation terminal cover The terminal covers are applied to the circuit-breaker to prevent accidental contact with live parts and thereby guarantee protection against direct contacts. Includes all features listed for the Micrologic P Power trip unit, as well as:. In order to allow the pressure to be distributed and to prevent fire and arcing or shortcircuit currents, safety clearances are required.

OK, I agree I do not agree. In addition, the core loss decreases attractive force, which leads to increase of instantaneous trip current. When the CE marking is affixed on a product, it represents a declaration of the manufacturer or of his authorized representative that the product in question conforms to all the applicable provisions including the conformity assessment procedures.