Find great deals for Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors by Rex Feral (, Paperback). Shop with confidence on eBay!. HIT MAN ON-LINE. A Technical Manual for Independent. Contractors. Originally published by Paladin Press. Written by Rex Feral. In , a triple murder was. 25 Jul The author – who went by the pen name “Rex Feral” – wasn’t some shady mafia guy or a former special ops Green Beret. Turned out, SHE was.

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Stand the glassed inner tube upright in a vise. However, if the photo were not available, the indicated mole, scar and habitual cigar would be htman great benefit, along with the detailed physical description.

In less than ten minutes, he leaves the men’s room a different man.

Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors by Rex Feral

If this is true, than how much more effective will it bot to fill your hollow point bullets with the liquid poison of your choice to ensure a job well done? That court case is about as stupid as the idea Hillary Clinton has for letting homicide victims families sue gun manufacturers.

His flight leaves in forty five minutes. The hit man was able to collect enough information on their activities to plan a successful hit. Even if he got caught with the shotgun in his hands, he argued, they would not be able to prove that the blast from that shotgun was the murder weapon since shotguns are untraceable.

Paladin Press published the book under the author’s pseudonym “Rex Feral” in Moreover, if my advice and the proven methods in this book are followed, certainly no one will ever know.

Each one of these items leaves its own definite mark and impression on the shell casing which, if any shells happened to be left behind, can be matched up to the gun under a microscope in the police rez.


He is hitmzn professional killer. When the girl behind the counter finally gets around to him, he responds affirmatively to her offer to help. Written as a compendium for the trade, it has several big gaps, but it does acknowledge this and offers more sources for specifics. The suit was eventually settled out of court in Veterans with wartime experience and the ability to kill are first choice instructors.

You wouldn’t dress in black like a ninja to hitmsn about on a moonlit night or on a snowy white background. After this, authorities can’t use the victims’ dental records to identify his remains. Just see that all this information is done away with in some manner that will inhibit its reconstruction. Using this information complete on the sample form;, we come to the following conclusions: Or perhaps some not so wealthy acquaintance who prefers not to become entangled in messy divorce proceedings may find it a proper time to collect on that old life insurance policy.

Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors – Rex Feral – Free PDF Download

Wrap masking tape himan the cap to cover the holes. Put the scope in place, tighten it down, then sight it in. Wanting to profit from their loved one’s murder, and realizing that the murderer himself was too poor to be worth suing, the family of those killed by the hit man sued Paladin Press, the publisher of the book Hit Man, saying Paladin Press “aided and abetted” the murder.

Read it for entertainment, but if someone really was looking for a manual for how to become a hitman, there are plenty of better reading materials for that. Fersl deny your urge to skip about, looking for the “good” parts.

“Hit Man” On-Line

Why do negroes have to fuck shit up for everyone else? Judging by his physical characteristics and the cigar, this man appears to be the mark. From an ordinary looking wallet, he pulls the necessary identification: His name and address veral right there in the paper.


It may be great fun to fool people about who you really are, but it is certainly no game.

There is nothing amazing about this book. Learn to use wigs, false tattoos, scars, black eyes and the like to fool your observers. On the front, each apartment is separated from the other by an ornamental cedar fence.

And his endurance in hand to hand combat situations will be severely limited. You should become so familiar with skills like breaking holds, throws, effective punches to vital areas and crippling moves that will hotman when needed as a reflex action.

As well as the valuable articles, study advertisements and classified sections for a wealth of information and sources for supplies and books. No trivia or quizzes yet. It has been disclosed that Rex Feral is the pseudonym of a woman, who wrote only one other book under this name: Does he have the personal courage to carry out, or have you carry out, the solution he is after?

Even a local gossip source. A heavyset man emerges slowly from the small car. You may also like.

I obtained phone numbers from information and called the numbers systematically until I found the one that carried the products I wanted. Bring a portable radio of cassette player so you won’t drain your car battery. When he withdrew his pick, there was a sickening little popping sound as blood spurted from the wound for a second, then stopped. Paperback Books in English for Rex Stout. So now I’m back at school learning worthless things, my dreams of a life in the criminal underworld, regrettably unfulfilled.