7 Oct TSCM50 Procurement I, Part 2 of 2 mySAP ERP Procurement and Logistics Execution Date Training Center Instructors Education Website. TSCM 50 Procurement I Part 1. If you want to master SAP MM and climb the ladder in your professional career you must buy this Video sets. This Video is now. TSCM Procurement I, Part 2 of 2. mySAP ERP Procurement and Logistics Execution. Date. Training Center. Instructors. Education Website. Instructor.

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The “No ERS” indicator must not be set in tecm50 info record. One part has been inspected and found to be “faulty” but can still be partially used. The valuation class is a grouping key that controls the procedure used to valuate a material. A purchasing group must always be assigned to a purchasing organization.

You are using the purchase-order-based Invoice Verification. In which screen areas can you break down a MRP list? You leave Invoice Verification, complete tsc,50 terms of payment in the purchase order and create a new invoice.

Which of the following can you enter using the transaction MIRO? A purchasing organization can act for several plants. The system then posts an invoice for 97 pieces.

A collective invoice document is created. When the service entry sheets are saved, the postings are made in Financial Accounting. Which org tscm50 do you have to indicate when entering tscm50 purchase order? The valuation area controls which valuation classes are allowed for a material.

In Invoice Verification in the background, only the difference for the complete document is determined.

Procurement of material by means of consignment. Material group Industry sector Material type Field selection. Which of the following organizational levels are relevant for purchasing info records? The safety stock should clear errors made by the MRP controllers. An accounting document is created. If the exchange rate is not fixed in the purchase order, the conversion is carried out using the average exchange rate from the date on the purchase order and from the current day.


You do not enter a material number. When creating a purchase order with reference to a purchase requisition, note the following: Plant-dependent in the source list for a material.

How to Pass SAP MM Certification: TSCM 50 Procurement I Part 1

The reductions are deducted from the original amount in this invoice document. Be the first one! For which variances can you store tolerance limits? Assign a source manually. A purchasing organization must always be assigned to a company code? Stock transfer of materials by means of subcontracting. You create a purchase order without a vendor, hold this and then assign a source to the purchase order using a collective transaction.

At any document types. You want tscn50 procure material for consumption.

Select all accounts to which postings could be made within the framework of invoice entry. Tscm50, it also encompasses topics that are rscm50 for SAP consultants. New Comment Last comments.

Item category Account assignment category Plant Purchasing group. Student Other tests from this author Creation Date: When there is no quota arrangement but several valid info records exist as source list entries without any other indicators.

Procument by another tscm50 in company using a stock transfer order Stock transfer of materials by means of subcontracting Normal purchase of materials from a vendor without provision of components Procument of material by means of consigment.

Your purchase order has two items for the same material.


How do you enter the terms of payment? Which statement about vendor-specific tolerance is applicable? Among other things, the material type controls: Which organization levels do you have to indicate when entering a purchase order? Which of the documents below belong to on-order stock? Through lectures and numerous exercises you will receive extensive practice working through many business transactions leading tscm50 increased confidence in being able to apply what tscm50 have learned, in subsequent projects.


There is no default data from the purchase order. Which verifications can be entered in user-specific tolerance group values? The exchange rate from the purchase order is used, if it is fixed there. The certification exam for the Solution Consultant Supply Chain Management — Procurement tests knowledge and skills that are tscm50 in the following courses:.

All documents that you can select in the document overview of the ordering transaction can also be displayed from the document overview. Which procurement process es normally end with the goods receipt and not with the invoice date? If you post the invoice receipt as gross, the cash discount amount is posted to a stock account when there is price control V moving price average and sufficient material stock.

The conditions of payment are not determined from the purchasing data, but instead from the accounting data in the vendor master record. Account assignment category Material with standard price S standard price Material with price tcm50 V moving average price Item category K consignment. A plant can be assigned to several company codes.